Purchase balance is disabledJune 15th, 2019

Hi everyone, I transferred members' cash from their purchase balance to their cashout balance because I disabled the purchase balance.

Issues with FaucetHubJune 12th, 2019

Hi I disabled it for now because of issues I have with it. Sorry.

Added FaucetHubJune 11th, 2019

Hi, I made more changes. Below is some of the changes I made:

  1. I changed cashout minimum
  2. Added faucethub (At the moment there is no cashout fee. Only abit of money can be cashout everyday)
  3. Change usd to btc on site
  4. Upgraders can now earn 25% commission 
  5. Upgraders can now cashout after completing 25 offers
  6. I pay daily

Note: Referrals earnings from offerwall won't be added all the time if the earn amount is very low because the system cuts off numbers that is 9 digits to the right of the decimal for example: 0.000000001 btc would be seen as a zero but 0.00000001 btc will not be seen as a zero. I've been looking into other ways for days to combat this by increasing offerwall percentage earnings but nothing works. I wanted to do points but it wouldn't work because BTC is very low for low amounts. It was easier when site used USD. I was thinking of switching back to USD but FaucetHub only accepts BTC currency. 

Made many changes to siteJune 06th, 2019

Hi everyone, I added faucethub. I disabled some earning areas like Forum, PTR, PTC, PTSU and pay to read email. Only three members have PTC credits left and I returned their credits when I deleted their ads. These members can exchange their PTC credits for a 1 month grid link, 1 month featured link or points. They'll have to chose the ad of their choice without paying and I'll approve them and delete the rest of their PTC credits. These members have until this weekend to message me about their choice and If I get no response, i'll exchange their PTC credits for points. I'm keeping offerwall, grid and contests. You can still get PTC, PTSU and pay to read in the offerwalls. Offerwalls also have surveys, contest, games and more. I deleted forum because it is hard to manage a forum like this on my own. You can put payment proofs in other forums like the ones mentioned in faq. I'm currently renting my gpt script and I'm thinking of buying a lifetime license script that meets my needs like a faucet script. Thanks for reading!.

No issues with serverApril 05th, 2019

Hello, web server is ok but cron jobs weren't working for a week because of a redirection problem. Cron job error kept on saying that the document couldn't be found because the redirection from www (www.adjade.com) to no www (adjade.com) wasn't working for cron job which is strange.

Issues with web host serverMarch 25th, 2019

Hi, there are issues with web server so site won't work good for a while.

Issue with site resets solved!March 19th, 2019

Hi, there was an issue with contest reset, ptc ad click resets, clixgrid reset and more since site started because of an error I made with all of my cron jobs. I have fixed the issue. I sent more info in email. Until march 20, 2019, members can earn 75% from offerwall earnings instead of 50%!.

Free gold membership for 1 yearMarch 09th, 2019

Hi, New signups will receive 365 days Gold membership. This offer will last until May 1, 2019. I will manually change the Gold end date for users who have signed up before. I took off news floating text that was appearing on homepage because it was annoying. Thanks

Please put nick name instead of real name when you sign upFebruary 26th, 2019

Hi, Please put nick name/fake name instead of real name in register's form. You can also use nick name at your chosen payment processor.

GPT site is now open!February 06th, 2019

Hi, everyone

Site is new so you'll notice some changes in the upcoming weeks. We have many offers for you to complete for cash. Before we get advertisers, there will be no minimum to complete offers that are not in offerwalls but there is a minimum to complete offers in the offerwalls to cashout and help support this site.Thanks for reading!

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